Ted Baker


While Ted Baker started life as a shirt specialist back in 1988, these days he has much more to offer. From menswear and womenswear to fragrances, watches to luggage, he’s brought his irreverent touch to every aspect of life. Not to mention every corner of the globe.

The secret to his success is less a well-guarded formula and more an unwavering belief in the best quality, outstanding attention-to-detail and a rather quirky British sense of humour. Put it all together and it’s easy to see why Ted Baker is No Ordinary Designer Label. 


 Neftchilar ave. 151
 Port Baku Mall 2nd Floor
 Baku, Azerbaijan
 Phone: 012 404 13 35


Fatali Khan Khoyski ave.
Ganjlik Mall 1st Floor
Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: 012 404 31 25