designed the most desirable women’s apparel and accessories, domestic and lived in different shopping experience in stores abroad, modern woman who inspired lifestyle multinational flagship of the progressive group with the goal of becoming a brand in Silk Road was established in 1986. It revitalizes since then, with the high product quality, open stores chain with the field effect, the fastest acceptance and market position took the first place among the brands that reinforce soon in Turkey.
these achievements, together with knowledge and experience in 1997 was included in the group established within the Twist brand for younger and women who enjoy dressing alternatives.

In 2004, the brand’s third group was put into Machka life and well-known fashion designers worldwide ECE Ayse Ege / Dice was conducted successful cooperation with the collection presents. ECE-feminine, prepared by Ayşe Ege and post-romantic collection Machka Turkey’s first ‘pret-a porter’ as a brand has created one of the building blocks of the Turkish textile sector. Group in 2006, is located in Edirne, Turkey’s European border, 40,000 m2 of land on the first integrated production system is configured with a cellular women garment factory founded in the country. The entire facility was carried out in a single center in Edirne production, quality and standards for Ayaydın Group was the most important move which guarantees a stable manner. Silk Textile Factory building with the world’s most prestigious one of the architectural awards and since 1977 every three years a modern, successful architecture and Architecture Prize Aga Khan given to urban design examples was the first and only structure imparts to Turkey in 2010. In 2007 Ayaydın Group was one of the most respected institutions in the country’s garment industry. Following the developments gained momentum during this year, in 2008, changed the drastic a move to the next track corporate giant partnership was: Ayaydın Group and the Italian giant Miroglio, signed a partnership worth 120 million euros; In other words, they create Ayaydın-Miroglio.


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